Classes and Costs

New Members and Intake

New member intake and sign up is on the last Friday of every month (except December) at 7:45pm. This night is an introduction to our club, overview of what training you will receive, time to fill out membership forms and an overview of our training rules. We ask that you do not bring your dog along to the intake night as it will be easier for you to concentrate on the information we provide without your dog present.

We accept all breeds of dogs from 3 months old and up, please bring your dog’s vaccination certificates to the sign up night.

Membership and training fees as of January 2019

As we are located at a park, we only accept payments of Cash.  We do not have Eftpos facilities available.

Single Membership:  All new members will pay a once only $5.00 joining fee and an annual $20.00 membership fee. After that training will cost $5.00 per night per dog.

Family Membership:  A family membership is available.  The family membership consists of a $5.00 joining fee and an annual $25.00 membership fee.  After that training will cost $5.00 per night per dog.

Our Class Structure:

Puppy Training – Monday Nights 7:30pm

We run a two month puppy course for puppies aged 3-6 months old. The cost is $40 for the two months. This is additional to the membership fees.

Class 1 – Monday Nights 7:30pm

You will be taught how to teach your dog to heel, sit, and do short sit stays.

Class 2 – Monday Nights 7:30pm

Basic obedience continues and you will now be shown how to teach your dog to drop, heel at different speeds, do a recall, short drop and sit stays, stand and the basics of food refusal.

Class 3 – Monday Nights 8:30pm

All of the previously taught elements will be developed further, in this class you will add a stand stay, stand for examination, weaving and increasing distance and time for your recalls and stays.

Class 4 – Monday Nights 8:30pm

When you reach this class you will have completed all the basic obedience training that we teach and your dog should now be at a reliable and consistent level of obedience. People in this class are encouraged to continue in their training and maybe begin to compete in Obedience Competitions.

Rally-O – Monday Nights 7:30pm

Rally-O is a new sport in Australia and we are getting involved! It works by having a series of signs with instructions on them laid out in a course which the handler and dog follow to the end. Each sign will tell the handler to do something (for example: 270 degree turn to the left or leave your dog and walk around it), once the handler has completed that part of the course they move on with the dog at heel to the next part. The handler is allowed to talk to the dog throughout the course and there is no direction from the judge during the course. The first few levels of Rally-O are done with the dogs on lead so it’s an excellent way to practice what you have learnt in your classes and have a bit of fun with your dog!

Some additional information:

* Please wear closed-in shoes to training at all times, thongs, flip flops and bare feet will not be allowed
* Bitches in season are not permitted on the ground, please keep them home
* While our club does use check chains we do not condone excessive physical punishment of any sort
* You are always encouraged to bring toys or food along to reward your dog in training